Does oral collagen work?

So, I’m hitting my mid-40’s and trying to figure out how to be that person at 50 that looks in the mirror and says “I’m good.” To start, how others look at me makes ZERO difference to me. It’s all

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How did the Brazilian Butt Lift get it’s name?

Some wonder how the Brazilian Butt Lift got its name. One theory is that it was pioneered in the tropical Brazil. Anot her is that the women of Rio have such beautiful torso shape. One thing for sure is that

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Choosing your Plastic Surgeon in Arkansas

When deciding to have plastic surgery, the consultation is the time to get to know your surgeon. There are several items of discussion: ask questions about the procedure, see before and after photos and inquire about your results and other

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Little Rock Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Michael Spann, Practice Overview

Dr. Michael Spann is the founder and director of Little Rock Plastic Surgery in Little Rock, Arkansas. The practice is equipped with state of the art technologies to provide the latest reconstructive and cosmetic surgery procedures for the breast, body,

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New Plastic Surgery Website for Dr. Michael Spann

Dr. Michael Spann is the founder of Little Rock Plastic Surgery, a premier practice in Little Rock, Arkansas. The practice now has a new website called The website has been designed and developed with technical expertise from CreativeTake Medical

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Little Rock Plastic Surgery