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Does oral collagen work?

So, I’m hitting my mid-40’s and trying to figure out how to be that person at 50 that looks in the mirror and says “I’m good.” To start, how others look at me makes ZERO difference to me. It’s all about what I see in myself. Now there are several factors that contribute to how I personally age: genetics, environment, self-care, etc.
– I’m not changing my genetics any time soon.
– We live in a sunshine state and I’m an outside guy (although I am religious on the sunscreen).
– Self-care… I’m not the more physically motivated but am working on it. Slowwwwwly.
So, as see my skin loose elasticity and the small wrinkles get deeper I have to get real with how I’m living. As a plastic surgeon I know that I’m playing catch up if I’ve not taken care of myself and I’m getting to the point that I’m seeing the aging. Plus, I have world class products at my disposable but with kids, my practice, and life I don’t have any tolerance for downtime (although I’m an absolute! believer in botox and lasers). So my google search gets away from “where is Maroon 5 playing this week” and on to “what pillow case stops face lines?” (M5 is in Chile. And silk pillow cases are best).
In this #mondaymorningplasticsurgeon let’s talk about the science behind “anti-aging” supplement and specifically the truth about collagen supplements. One of the key elements to a youthful appearance is skin elasticity and more specifically, collagen.
We know that our Joule platform does wonderful things to improving skin collagen content and quality. But… does oral collagen supplements improve the collagen of your skin?
This clinical trial published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology found that oral supplementation with collagen improved the hydration of the skin and increased the density of the collagen in the skin.
It’s interesting that it takes about a month to see the difference but the results last for up to 3 months after stopping the supplement.
Countless people report improvements in their skin after drinking bone broth (a high source of collagen) and I have no doubt that you will be seeing “Collagen” supplements show up everywhere. Beware… none should be considered a quick fix. It takes time to see any difference.
I don’t endorse any particular brand but generally stay away from discount products. There are a number of sources of collagen. Generally, plant based or fish are less inflammatory. I’d also recommend a liquid form. It’s easy to add to a smoothie on your way out the door.
If you’re not up for the daily boost and are looking for a more substantial and quicker response, our office has a number of fantastic options: Retinol, SkinPen, Joule, fillers, etc.
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