Bra Line Lift

Bra Line Back Lift

braline-backThe bra line back lift is a new procedure which is designed to improve the shape and contour of the upper and middle back.

About the Procedure

Many women struggle with the presence and appearance of back fat and back rolls, especially near and underneath the back part of the bra area. Despite proper diet and exercise, back rolls or excess soft-tissue laxity of the upper and middle back tend to be difficult to get rid of. This is largely a natural part of aging, although it can be accentuated by weight fluctuation and significant weight loss. Until now, women with back rolls have had to pass on wearing form fitting clothes unless they wanted the back rolls to show prominently. With the bra line back lift, these rolls of soft tissue and back fat are removed allowing:

  • Elimination of rolls and bulges in the bra area
  • Rejuvenation of lax upper back tissue
  • A smooth, uniform, more attractive contour

The final incision of the bra line back lift is designed to be hidden under the back part of the bra strap. The women who have undergone this procedure understand that they are trading the presence and appearance of back fat rolls for a smooth and uniform contour as well as a scar. To date, every woman at our practice in Arkansas who has had a bra line back lift has been uniformly very happy with the outcome. Many have even stated that the bra line back lift is the best cosmetic procedure they have had.

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